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Sound Hunts

Sound Hunts

Fun and interactive cards that build the skills children need for learning to read and write

The Sound Hunts feature detailed illustrations that give students the opportunity to search for the sounds of English in different positions in words, with integrated activities that develop the essential foundational skills needed for literacy success.

Components include:

  • Guide Card
    A helpful guide to the complete set of cards, the built-in activities, and the speech-to-sounds-to-print approach

  • Sound Hunt Cards
    39 A3-size cards with detailed illustrations and quick, engaging activities that develop vocabulary and oral language, phonological and phonemic awareness, knowledge of the alphabetic code, and word recognition and decoding skills

  • Digital and Printable Versions
    Digital and printable versions of the Sound Hunts, which allow them to be projected for the whole class or printed out for each student

Have fun building foundational literacy skills in just 10 minutes a day with the interactive Sound Hunts!


Sound Hunts



  • One double-sided A3 Guide Card,
  • 39 double-sided A3 Sound Hunt Cards,
  • Digital Hunts,
  • Downloadable Blackline Masters

Book Format

Physical Format

Sound Hunts - VitalSource E-book


Book Format

VitalSource E-book