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Sort Out Your Syllables

Sort Out Your Syllables

The length and complexity of the words students encounter in their texts increases dramatically in the upper grades. But many students lack the strategies they need to read multisyllabic words quickly and accurately.

Sort Out Your Syllables teaches a simple strategy for decoding, pronouncing, and spelling multisyllabic words for Year 5 (Grade 4) and up. The fast, effective 10-minute lessons make it easier for students to read and write multisyllabic words, which in turn promotes tremendous growth in reading and writing.

Components include:

  • Lesson Book
    50 carefully sequenced, 10-minute lessons with teacher notes, spelling patterns chart, and downloadable resources (available as a physical book or ebook)

  • Vowel Spelling Pattern Cards and Labels
    Nine Label Cards and 60 Spelling Pattern Cards x 6 sets (downloadable with e-book purchase)

  • Student Practice Book
    Student activities providing practice recognising and pronouncing vowel spelling patterns and dividing multisyllabic words into syllables (downloadable with purchase)

  • Vowel Spelling Student Desktop card
    Durable Desktop Cards for student reference (downloadable with purchase)
  • Digital References
    Digital versions of the Reference Boxes found throughout Sort Out Your Syllables (downloadable with purchase)
  • Digital Lesson Templates
    11 Lesson Templates for whole-class instruction (downloadable with purchase)
  • Student Assessments
    2 assessments (downloadable with purchase)
Sort Out Your Syllables can help you accelerate reading and writing skills by teaching concrete strategies that help students engage with increasingly complex words and texts.


Sort Out Your Syllables Lesson Book


128 pages, A4, soft cover, spiral bound & Vowel Spelling Cards and Labels

Book Format

physical book

Sort Out Your Syllables Lesson Book - VitalSource E-book


128 pages, accessible via web browser or the Bookshelf app

Book Format

VitalSource E-book