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Catch Up Your Code identifies and addresses gaps in knowledge of the alphabetic code of English, knowledge that is critical for efficient decoding and spelling.

Catch Up Your Code starts with a short assessment to identify gaps in code knowledge, then provides a series of fast, effective 10-minute lessons that close the gaps.

Catch Up Your Code is available in New Zealand/Australia, US, UK, and Canada editions, in both physical and digital formats.

How can teachers unravel the mysteries of written English, teach sound recognition, decoding and letter-sound knowledge? By using this book!

- Professor John Hattie

Lesson Book

The lessons in Catch Up Your Code guide students to explore the sounds of English, think about where each sound occurs in a word, and discover the different ways the sound can be written. These lessons, suitable for students from Grade 3 to adults, provide teachers with the tools to close the gaps in code knowledge for all of the sounds of English.

Catch Up Your Code includes:

  • 48 fast-paced lessons that can provide instruction for all the sounds of English OR just the sounds that are least well known
  • Flexibility in teaching to the whole class, small groups or individuals
  • Teacher notes that explain the rules for using the code accurately
  • Appendices with strategies for addressing gaps in phonological awareness and for transferring code knowledge to writing and reading
  • A glossary of terms, answer key, and phoneme-grapheme chart

This second edition includes:

  • Updated Alphabetic Code Assessment - including reliability data, and stanine expectations for students in Years 4 to 8
  • Updated student practice activities
  • Support for English learners, including information about sound transfer issues

Student Practice Activities

These activities provide students with practice:

  • identifying the diverse written code for each sound of English
  • counting syllables in words
  • identifying the vowel spelling pattern in each syllable

For flexibility and to support digital learning, the student practice activities are available as a printed book and as PDF downloads with each purchase.

English Phonemes and Graphemes Desktop Card

This set of durable Desktop Cards illustrates the sounds of English and common spelling patterns that can represent them (phoneme - grapheme relationships). It provides students with a convenient reference that can be used during a variety of reading and writing activites.

Available as a PDF download with purchase.

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